Tales Too Twisted Too Tell

Issue 2: The Blowtorch Edition

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32 pages B&W published 1993


Father Rice and Brother Horedom
The dubious Brother Horedom joins Father Rice in a right old round of Vampire Hunting using virgins on horseback.
The Insult that made a Torch out of Mac
Another Parody on the ancient Charles Atlas Ad's.
A Japanese Werewolf in Toytown
When Peter Pan is found stabbed to death in his hotel room, Inspector Crikey investigates with the aid of his Japanese equivalent (Foo-Man Clikey) and the noble Father Rice.
We Almost Got Shot !
The 70's WW2 comics come alive again in this twisted classic tale of digger jungle warfare. Later made into a short film in 2003 & available on the Off Planet DVD.
How a sniveling geek can save the world.

WARNING : Adults Only ... well, not that bad really, just don't show your mum!

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