We Almost Got Shot

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Deep in the thick jungle of the Pacific theater of World War II, a group of Australian forces is sent on a mission to locate a missing regiment of British troops. The Japanese forces throw every one of their efficient resources at the Australians to hinder their mission. This includes transvestite ninja, bad breath and V2 Rockets made in Germany. The fighting gets dirty, the bayonets get wet, and all those corny lines from the 1970's war comics get a good dusting off !!!

Based on the comic book story "We Almost Got Shot" published in 'Tales Too Twisted to Tell - Issue 2' and in Southern Aurora Comics "Australian War Stories" Anzac special edition in 1994.
Produced in 2003 - Running Time: 6 minutes 58 seconds
First Prize Winner of the Trasharama-a-go-go Festival 2004
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© Tom Priestley & Bill Flowers 2003