My One and Only

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Running Time: 5 minutes 12 seconds
Winner of the "Take That" Launceston 24 hour film competition 2008
Set in the year 2058, a love-weathered man discovers his soulmate in the most unexpected place.
Produced in 2008 - Running Time: 5 minutes 12 seconds

Made in 24 hours for the Launceston "Take That" short film festival, in which the film was required to include the following elements:

- a lollipop (provided)

- set in Launceston in the year 2058

- one specific genre selection (comedy)

- the word "quintessential"

- the Launceston City Council Town Hall steps

- G rated restriction

The competition began at 9:00 am 12th January 2008. We shot the Town Hall steps first, arriving home at 9:45am. Storyboards and script were completed by noon. Sound narration recorded by 12:30pm. Puppets drawn, coloured and cut out throughout the afternoon and night, until 2:00am. Filming commenced & was completed at 5:30am. Edited until 8:00am. Music and foley was added until 8:35am. Film was then rendered and submitted before the deadline. (phew!!) ... It was a very close call for us to finish.

The first screening and awards ceremony was held at the Launceston School of Art at 2:00pm on the 13th.... and to our surprise our film was awarded first place!

Thanks to the Launceston City Council, The Examiner & all the other entrants... all of the films were excellent & we were VERY impressed by the overall quality. The pressure created a lot of fine work that day... and it was certainly a marathon in our house! (lots of sports drinks and healthy food... but sleep was badly needed upon competition!)

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© Copyright Tom Priestley & Shannon Priestley 2008